Our products should completely meet the requirements of our customers. Therefore, we gather the requirements, expectations and feedback of all our customers as precisely as possible and use these to advance our company. Quality products can only be developed by companies that also impose high standards on themselves. This is what our management and corporate principles are based on:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Risk management
  • Furtherance of employees as the most important resource
  • Support of entrepreneurial spirit and individual responsibility
  • Achievement of high quality standards
  • Increased added value
  • On-going development and adaptation in terms of guidelines

Our quality standard

For us quality is an absolute prerequisite for our economic success. The standard of our quality is defined exclusively by our clientele. To realize our corporate guidelines and the defined objectives Albert Hoffmannn GmbH has established, documented and implemented a management system pursuant to DIN EN 9001:2015.

Our waste ratio is less than one percent of the total tonnage of our production. As early as in the purchasing department our staff members have the expertise for correctly interpreting requirements. This way, we can avoid losing time when it comes to misleading inquiries or when the specification is not clear. Our quality management also includes the selection of our suppliers. The high supply capability and delivery reliability in line with the market are decisive competitive edges for us and our customers. In this context we plan our resources, carefully control all deadlines confirmed and monitor systematically the on-time progress of all customer-related orders.

We appreciate and support our staff members as the most important resource of the company. Only with the support of competent, informed and self-confident staff members can we achieve our ambitious corporate objectives.

Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance, QM system pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015