Hammer pins

High quality hammer pins are a mandatory requirement for operating a rotor economically. Hoffmann pins are produced from a special alloy with a forging process. They are characterized by a favorable wear pattern and particular dimensional stability. Thus the reuse of the hammer pins at different positions can be ensured. Moreover, they can be easily dismantled since they are not inclined to distortion and can be exposed to high loads. The finishing of the hammer pins is carried out by us. All hammer pins are available and we can offer you the pins with diameters of 80, 85, 100, 110, 125 and 160 mm.

The surface of our hammer pins is treated to protect them and the thread protected with a protective cover against damage. Thus the pin can be easily installed at any time. All our pins can also be supplied with double-sided thread.

Fastening material

The oval head screw developed in-house has become the most popular fastening method of wear plates inside the shredder. In our large warehouse all fastening materials used in the shredder are available at any time. This includes, along with the oval head screws, breakaway bolt, anvil screws, washers, nuts, countersunk screws and special screws.