Our diversity is also reflected in our components and assemblies. Whether standard or individual requirements, we always take our task seriously - to the last detail.

Hammer shaft pulling device

Along with our new systems but also for replacing your existing shredder system we offer the suitable hammer shaft pulling device. It can be optionally equipped with the related cylinders and the necessary hydraulics. Single spare parts such as a tow bar or thread bolt are also part of our delivery program in stock.

Driving pulleys with and without jointed arm

Suitable for your shredder system, regardless of the manufacturer, we offer the lower and upper driving pulleys, sometimes off the shelf. Besides the standard version driving pulleys with reinforced material, the most diverse towing arm and a main shaft with different qualities, including warehousing are part of our delivery program.


Shredder shafts & fangs for pre-shredder

Your shredder shafts of the pre-shredder need to be refurbished from time to time. For this we offer all spare parts, from the shredder shaft with bearing to the fangs - the entire program.


Conveyor belts

You want to expand or replace your conveyor belts? We would be pleased to take on the planning and offer you turn-key solutions in cooperation with our trusted manufacturers.


Ejection conveyor

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to replace your ejection conveyor. We will develop the most convenient and economic solution for a stationary, moveable or rotatable type.


Feeding slat conveyor

You want to replace or repair your feeding slat conveyor? We would be pleased to take on the planning and offer you turn-key solutions in cooperation with our trusted manufacturers. The installation and repair will be performed by our qualified personnel.


Feeding chute

Our delivery program comprises repairs and the complete replacement, preferably as a modified and reinforced type. We will be pleased to support you.


Hydraulic unit

Whether it is extension by additional functions, repair or replacement of your hydraulic system, we can help you as quickly as possible. This is possible thanks to our comprehensive warehousing of hydraulic pumps, valves, seals etc.


Hydraulic cylinders

The requirements of hydraulic cylinders used in a shredder system are enormous. Along with the standard program of company Rexroth, our delivery program specifically comprises cylinders compiled by us (special end position damping etc.). Let us know your problems. Numerous cylinder types can be offered off the shelf.

Wear-resistant casting

Our extensive warehouse, consisting of oval head screws, breakaway bolts, anvil screws, DIN screws, washers and nuts developed by us for all applications inside the shredders of the most diverse manufacturers, lets us deliver within a few hours only.


Hammer pins

High quality hammer pins are a mandatory requirement for operating a rotor economically. Hoffmann pins are produced from a special alloy with a forging process. They are characterized by a favorable wear pattern and particular dimensional stability. Thus the reuse of the hammer pins at different positions can be ensured. Moreover, they can be easily dismantled since they are not inclined to distortion and can be exposed to high loads. The finishing of the hammer pins is carried out by us. All hammer pins are available and we can offer you the pins with diameters of 80, 85, 100, 110, 125 and 160 mm. The surface of our hammer pins is treated to protect them and the thread protected with a protective cover against damage. Thus the pin can be easily installed at any time. All our pins can also be supplied with double-sided thread.


Housing, lower, middle, upper part

Is a housing part of your shredder about to fail? No problem, we will be pleased to offer you the replacement of one of your housing parts (preferably in modified and reinforced form). Our long-term experience in this field provides for a quick and custom-fit replacement due to specifically developed techniques. Needless to say, we will also be pleased to advise you if the entire shredder is to be replaced.


Grid valve

In the case of replacement we would be pleased to offer you a grid valve suitable for your shredder system. Our customers prefer our reinforced type with our cast wear plates equipped with cams.


Sorting cabin

In case of an extension of your sorting line or the replacement of the existing sorting cabin, do not hesitate to contact us. In this respect we put great emphasis on an ergonomic, modern and safe workplace.


Noise protection

You want to extend/replace your noise protection system. We will be pleased to take on the planning and offer you turn-key solutions in cooperation with our trusted manufacturers.


Electrical equipment & compensating unit

Our qualified personnel will be at your disposal. This applies to the expansion, as well as the planned modernization. Maybe new units have to be integrated into the control due to the expansion of your sorting. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Control chair

The workplace of the shredder driver should be adapted to your demands and conditions on site. We would be pleased to advise you on this subject and offer the optimum solution.