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The Company History

Founded in 1917, Albert Hoffmann GmbH is today one of the leading and most versatile steel foundries in Germany. Over 80 different cast steel alloys are produced regularly. As a medium-sized family owned company, Albert Hoffmann GmbH is able to react quickly and flexibly to the requirements of our many domestic and overseas clients. With our specialist foundry knowledge, the purpose designed production equipment and the productivity of our employees, Albert Hoffmann GmbH is able to fulfill the client's wishes from the initial concept through to the finished product.



Consultation and Problem Solutions

Our clients are used to discussing their ideas and concepts with us. Solutions regarding the requirements or standards demanded for the finished product are agreed together with the client. The optimum casting form, the quality of steel and the method of testing are then decided with the client according to the final requirements of the finished product. Finally, we prepare and submit an offer.


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At the particular request of our clients, we can carry out - in co-operation with com-panies which specialize in this type of work - solidification simulation programmes - in order to optimize the design and to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process.


Pattern Making

Qualified pattern makers in our own pattern making shop manufacture the patterns and core boxes from drawings produced together with the client.


Moulding Shop

Hand-formed castings up to 5000 kg and machine-formed castings up to 850 kg are produced in the moulding shop. Through the use of suitable moulding techniques and the deliberate use of different types of moulding sands, we are able to achieve the exact dimensions and quality surface finish demanded by our clients of our steel castings.

Melting Shop

In two modern and efficient 3 and 6 tonnes electric arc furnaces, operated in accordance with the latest environmental standards, over 80 different types of alloys are melted, all of which are high quality raw materials. During the melting operation the charges are continuously monitored via spectrometer and thermocouple elements. By using these, we are able to guarantee continuous high-grade quality steel castings and also fulfill quickly requests for unusual or non-standard alloys.

Fettling and Finishing Shop

The latest results from research regarding improvements of conditions at the workplace have been incorporated into our recently re-organized Fettling and Finishing Shop. This demonstrates also that the health of our employees - as a prerequisite for the high quality of our products - is of utmost importance to us.
Heat Treatment

The extensive heat treatment facilities are used by us to the full. The castings are quenched according to the quality required in either water, oil or by air, so that the optimum tensile strength and ductility can be matched with one another.

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Quality Control

The high standard of quality demanded by our clients and the diverse range of products requires extensive quality control. We meet our clients demands for better and uniform quality castings through our own very carefully formulated work practice programme and rigorous implementation of the process and casting monitoring controls. The monitoring begins with the examination of the raw materials and ends with the finished castings. Modern testing methods such as spectroanalysis, ultrasonic testing, magnetic magnaflux inspection, dye penetrating testing and radiografic (X-Ray) inspection are used. We are also approved by the various international quality assurance authorities.

Tested quality is guaranteed quality!

Comprehensive quality supervision for the greatest possible safety, as demanded by our clients!

Alloy Development

Our alloy development also provides you with new profitable answers to your problems.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is very important to us.
Our manufacturing facilities comply with all the latest requirements of the "TA Luft" in respect of clean air and the "TA Lärm" for sound reduction.