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Shredder Wear Parts

Albert Hoffmann GmbH has manufactured for more than 30 years wear parts for all types of shredder machines.

The following are included in our manufacturing programme:

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Hammers, Hammer Rings, Bottom Grids, Bottom Liner, Anvils, Impact Angles, Impact Wall Plates, Top Grids, Ejection Doors, Side Liners, Rotor Caps, Rotor Protection Segments and many other items.

Selection Criteria for Shredder Wear Parts
Special emphasis is placed on the highest material quality, which is exemplified by excellent wear and fracture resistance. Besides the quality of the materials, Albert Hoffmann GmbH also places great emphasis on the geometrical design of the wear part casting, which in turn is also crucial for the behaviour of the wear characteristics of the casting. Numerous constructive alterations, some of which are patented, have been made and have been successfully put into practice. Through individual design of the wear parts and through demand orientated selection of materials, our clients achieve with their shredder optimum performance and maximum service life.

Our clients can rely on continuous quality and punctual delivery.


Increase the efficiency of your shredder plant through the use of our
wear parts !

Rotor Manufacturing
In addition to wear parts, we also manufacture disc and rotor arms for all types of plants and on request also special made-to-measure parts.

Spare Parts Stock

Large stocks of wear parts permit short delivery times. Furthermore, we also have at our disposal a large stock of new and used spare parts for motors, gearboxes, Cardan shafts, rotors, rotors bearing housings, rotor bearings, shredder casings, gear clutches, etc.

Complete Shredder Plants

Our many years of experience in the field of shredders together with the knowledge acquired of all types of shredders produced by different manufacturers which are in operation today, has encouraged us over the last 10 years to manufacture complete shredder plants ourselves. To incorporate our clients' wishes to shred different input materials, we are quite prepared to alter our standard shredder machine. In this case, we supply the MMS-Shredder (Multi-Metal-Shredder) with patented grid system.

For technical discussions and a joint development of your shredder plant, we remain at your disposal.