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A. Hoffmann GmbH, Bergrather Straße 70, 52249 Eschweiler, Germany, Phone: +49 2403 / 798- 0



Route from the Ruhr District/Dusseldorf  (Düsseldorf)
Motorway A44 in the direction of Aachen
Motorway exit No. 5 - Alsdorf, Eschweiler
Turn right in the direction of Eschweiler
Attention! At the 'Mülldeponie' there is a stationary speed camera (approx. 2 km after the motorway exit)
Attention! Further stationary speed camera at the traffic lights at the crossroad (approx. 2,1 km after the first stationary camera)
Continue as per the route directions * from Köln   
Route from Cologne (Köln)
Motorway A4 in the direction of Aachen
Motorway exit No. 5 - Eschweiler, Stolberg, Alsdorf
* In Eschweiler at the traffic lights turn left on to the B264 in the direction of Düren, Zentrum
Aachener Strasse, Indestrasse straight on (past the Bus Depot)
Stay on this road for approx. 2 km
At the traffic lights (on the left a large Town Hall/Rathaus) turn right over the Inde Bridge into the Bergrather Straße
After about 400 m on the right hand side is Albert Hoffmann GmbH
We wish you a pleasant journey.